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Table of Contents

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I. Editorial

Selling Out to Whole Foods? Local businesses deserve level playing field From an editorial by by local businessman and former city councilor Paul Nicholson

Quote: Where Are We?

II. Background Articles Concerning National Retailers and Whole Foods Market

Farmers' Market in Bloomington, INa. Welcome to 'Whole-Mart' Investigative reporter Mark T. Harris compares Whole Foods and Wal-Mart

b. Studies Find Local Biz Creates Far More Local Economic Activity

c. Speech: The Impact of Chain Stores on Community, by Stacy Mitchell

Quote: Local Culture is a Practical Asset

d. Paul Hawken Says Whole Foods Dismantles Local Food Webs

e. What Other Cities Are Doing

III. In the News


a. Whole Foods Says It's Not a Threat

b. International: Big-Box Worries in Australia

c. Whole Foods Market Made $41.7 Million in Last 3 Months, Up 31%

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